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Is Email Still More Effective Than Facebook and Twitter?

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Is Email Still More Effective Than Facebook and Twitter?

Faced with popular forms of electronic marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter, anyone would think that the use of email is obsolete, there are those who affirm the opposite and continue to give great weight to e-mailing services Philippines Phone Number List. More related notes: Facebook: the only social network that does sell 4 web monitoring tools 29% of Americans use Facebook at the office.

YouTube will remove various types of advertisers from prominent places on its home page.

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Co . email is a much more effective way to acquire more customers than on Twitter and Facebook, almost 40 times more than these networks.

The study affirms that the stop using the electronic mail to sell has not happened for a simple reason; because it works. That explains finding as a client or prospect an endless list of advertising emails in our inbox.

Although each year the use of Facebook increases on a personal level, there are more than twice as many emails as the sum of users between this social network Phone Number List and Twitter, around 3 billion emails. In fact, Facebook posts sent and tweets per day combined account for just 0.2 percent of the number of emails sent each day.

Writer Kaleel Sakakeeny adds that the advantage of email remains as its goal is customer acquisition and not just sharing the latest brand news or advertising information.

On the other hand, Jeremías Owyang predicted since 2009 that email was already a large social network, that by 2012 there would be a war between the use of social media and email for advertising purposes.

Most recently, in December of last year, Madigan Pratt at Hospitality Net, scored 3 points in favor over social media in an article titled “Email vs. Social Media.”

These five points focus on:

Benefits . Email is the favored medium for most individuals and businesses, but businesses are embracing the power of social media to increase visibility, page rankings, and customer engagement. At this point social media wins.

Increase. Although email has been the marketing tool of choice for more than a decade, social media is rapidly gaining ground. Plus point for social media.

Usage. While there is a lot of hype around social media when it comes to use, email is the most popular activity online at 94 percent compared to 61 percent for social media. Point for email.

Search . When it comes to commercial use, a total of 75 percent of adults say that email is the marketing tool of choice. So when it comes to reaching customers, email is the clear winner.

Functions. By looking at certain basic marketing functions that are needed to run an effective campaign – management, targeting, deliverability, and analytics – email wins the contest.

In addition to the above, in McKinsey research, authors Nora Aufreiter, Julien Boudet, and Vivian Weng offer three tips for email marketing:

1. Use personalized home pages, that the user sees directly the offer that appears in the email.

2. Don’t forget about the phone. Almost 45 percent of all emails today are opened on a smartphone, the message must be clear and engaging and short.

3. Verify that the email clearly contains access to the web page of the service or product that is intended to be advertised.

It should be noted that the strategies used and the results will always depend on the target to be reached as well as the objectives of the brand and / or the campaign in question. Tell us, what do you prefer and what has worked best?

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