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Interactive series and movies to activate the imagination as for interactive series and movies

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Interactive series and movies to activate the imagination as for interactive series and movies

Series and interactive movies , which can also be used for the gamification of educational content. Bookgames, books can also be gamified for more information on this format, we recommend visiting the librojuegos.org or bookgame page , a meeting place for fans of interactive fiction. This space offers gamebooks in which the reader can decide, for example, what the protagonist does in the development of the story. Inesem business school master in art direction and advertising design + 5 ects credits more information interactive video games where you decide which way to go video games may be one of the most popular environments that make use of interactive stories.

Heavy rain is another slightly more recent example

Stories like dragon’s lair, created in 1983 for arcade consoles, show this. Don bluth, a former disney cartoonist, created the animations for him. This video game “narrates the Latvia Phone Number adventures of dirk “the bold”, a knight who wants to rescue princess daphne from the clutches of the evil dragon singe (1)”. Heavy rain is another slightly more recent example, created for ps3 in 2010. It’s considered one of the company’s best interactive adventures: become human .

Among them we highlight dungeons

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Its story offers variety to the user when making one decision or another, providing “a feeling of being part of a detective thriller in which we pull the strings” (1). Board games that don’t just stay on the board role-playing games can be a clear example of interactive stories, in which one or more players play a role (role), with varied mechanics and themes, in which the development of the story is subject to the decisions of the players. . Among them we highlight dungeons & dragons or the call of cthulhu .

Interactive series and movies to activate the imagination as for interactive series and movies. We can find several examples currently offered by the netflix platform (2). Titles such as black mirror: bandersnatch (2018), or. The one-season series of minecraft: story mode (2015), in which the viewer. Controls the minecraft universe and the decisions they make influence. The outcome of history for the little ones, the platform offers us titles like puss in boots: trapped. In an epic tale (2017), in which the viewer will have to help the cat to escape. Best tools to

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