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Inter-agency debate on SEO and Content Marketing

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Inter-agency debate on SEO and Content Marketing

At the third Agencies Meeting organized by mobile number database free download Aula CM we were able to see all the news in SEO and Content Marketing . In this post, 5 of the best experts in the sector give us the keys to better position and to create authentic content of value.  mobile number database free download It is the experience of 5 Marketing agencies. Marketing In the second debate of the Meeting of Agencies, 5 major players in the sector agreed. This round table was composed by: mobile number database free download  Jaime López Khichari from Marketing Surfers (@marketingsurfers), mobile number database free download Juan González Villa from Ernesto Olivares (@ErnestoVisual),

Tomás Rufina from Internet Republics (@i_republica), mobile number database free download Ana Nieto from WebEmpresa (@webempresa) and Gonzalo Carpio from Relevant Traffic (@RelevantTraffic). mobile number database free download The event was organized by Aula CM at the Circular de Belles Artes, the nice presenter Alicia Sen villa was in charge of directing and moderating both the presentations and the debates. Among the novelties in SEO , mobile number database free download one of the topics most discussed in this round table has been the current role of technical SEO . Is it essential today? Most participants agree that technical aspects are very important, mobile number database free download but sometimes a good foundation can make it not as necessary as it used to be.

It is clear that technical SEO has not disappeared nor does it seem that it will do so for the moment. Another important aspect to consider is the difference between programmer and technical SEO. mobile number database free download Sometimes many companies believe that only with good programming is all the work done, and they do not understand all the work and Gambling Email List cost involved in positioning a website. In addition, the programmer does not have to know about SEO, everyone has their role. mobile number database free download SEO work is a separate job, so there is a problem since many companies believe that they are doing it well and they are not. Other times it is necessary to make it clear to the client that there are words that it is impossible to position due to the great competition that exists and that positioning requires time , mobile number database free download it is not something that is achieved in a day. In the field of SEO,

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