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Instagram turns 10. A decade of the social network that revolutionized visual marketing

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Instagram turns 10. A decade of the social network that revolutionized visual marketing

The photo of a friendly dog. area code denmark mobile That was the first image uploaded to Instagram , the social network that has transformed the marketing strategies of millions of companies in the last decade. area code denmark mobile It was the mascot of Kevin Nystrom, the co-founder with Mike Krieger of the platform. The image was uploaded on July 16, 2010. It was a simple test. The social network went live a few months later. area code denmark mobile On October 6, 2010, it was made available to all users of the Apple App Store. area code denmark mobile Since then, its growth has been exponential. The figures are dizzying: in September 2011 he already had eleven million followers. area code denmark mobile In 2012, Android customers finally had it at their disposal as well.

That same year, Facebook acquired it for 1,000 million dollars , a figure that seemed crazy then and that today is studied as one of the best operations of the decade. Just two years later, in 2014, area code denmark mobile more than 300 million people used the app every month. Growth has been overwhelming and its ability to cope with social changes or the emergence of new networks, area code denmark mobile too. The digital transformation is a fact, but there are so many new products that it is easy that, if they lack consistency, area code denmark mobile if they have not followed a thoughtful and professional strategy, they will be the flower of a day.

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Of course, this has not happened with Instagram. Gambling Email List Today there are more than 1 billion active accounts every month .area code denmark mobile  90% OF INSTAGRAM USERS FOLLOW A COMPANY You do not have to be a lynx to intuit the potential that Instagram has for the development of marketing . area code denmark mobile We continue giving figures, area code denmark mobile that the best way to congratulate a technological product is by recognizing its achievements: 90% of existing accounts follow a company. area code denmark mobile The penetration capacity of a brand through Instagram is, therefore, extraordinary. competition.

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