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Instagram adds (finally) a function for us to control our privacy

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Instagram adds (finally) a function for us to control our privacy

Instagram, and basically Facebook, german telephone number example has always been talking about the issue of privacy and the scandals that have been happening in recent years. Since the leaks of users’ private information, german telephone number example the issue of privacy and who has access (or not) to our data has concerned us users of this type of application. german telephone number example More than anything because we do not know how companies and organizations use our personal information. And it is that everything we do, from the likes we give, german telephone number example through the people we follow and the comments we leave, to the photos we look at, are a source of information for third parties and to personalize the advertising that appears in our feed.

When it comes to this issue, german telephone number example Mark Zuckerberg has finally decided to act. The creator of Facebook has implemented measures so that those who have an Instagram profile can control which other applications connected to their account can access their information and which cannot. german telephone number example What we could do so far is connect other applications with this social network every time we click on german telephone number example “share on Instagram” or when importing photos from it, but what we could not do is disconnect them. The apps linked to our Instagram account can continue to collect information without our knowing it, german telephone number example BUT thanks to the new Instagram privacy function,

german telephone number example

we will be able to know which Gambling Email List applications are still linked and choose whether we want them to remain that way or not.  german telephone number example Basically, if we decide to disconnect them, they will no longer be able to access what we do on the social network. german telephone number example Thanks to the new #Instagram privacy function we will be able to know which applications are still linked to our account and choose german telephone number example if we want them to remain that way or not CLICK TO TWEET This new privacy system will be available in the coming months. german telephone number example The changes will affect other services, so the app will have to be updated to make it compatible. These are the steps you must follow if you want to limit the access of other apps

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