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Influencers and ad revenue, another twist on a buoyant business

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Influencers and ad revenue, another twist on a buoyant business

The advertising model associated with influencers has not stopped growing in recent years. The trust that these figures offer in users of social networks has made them a desire for the most important brands , denmark cell phone who observe how their way of communicating generates more proximity and credit in the audience than traditional models. denmark cell phone According to a study by the specialized agency Human to Human, advertising investment in this sector in 2019 in Spain exceeded 100 million euros and maintains a sustained growth that does not seem to be slowing down. denmark cell phone The profit is such that it is hardly surprising that the Italian influencer Chiara Ferring has shown her willingness to go public in the coming months.

His 21 million followers on Instagram seem a herculean value to face this new situation in the market. denmark cell phone The problem arose with the regulation of this advertising . Influencers receive compensation , denmark cell phone either financially or in kind from the brand they advertise, but they do not have to specify that they are carrying out an advertising action. denmark cell phone This represents a clear qualitative advantage for brands over traditional advertising models. A new law recently approved in Spain will change this situation. denmark cell phone New code of conduct for influencers The Spanish Government and the Spanish Association of Advertisers and  denmark cell phone Anticontrol have approved the establishment of a new code of conduct that will force to indicate what published content is advertising.

denmark cell phone

In this way, influencers will be obliged, Gambling Email List  denmark cell phone as of January 1, 2021, to indicate as publicity all collaborations for which they receive a consideration, either financial or in kind. denmark cell phone The responsibility for the advertising content to be designated as such will also fall on the brand that advertises its product or service. In addition, denmark cell phone these indications should be maintained when the influencer shares the content on other social networks. denmark cell phone The Association of Advertisers and Anticontrol has suggested several formulas for determining commercial content. It will be enough to use formulas such

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