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INFALLIBLE techniques to overcome the fear of speaking in public and on camera

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INFALLIBLE techniques to overcome the fear of speaking in public and on camera

Launching into a video marketing strategy can change our lives. Precisely for this reason, it is important that we begin to be aware of the importance that this format can have in revolutionizing our businesses. Differentiate our personal brand, convey a message more effectively and show closeness in the videos. These may be the keys to reaching the heart of that audience or Architects Email List public that wants to trust us, but lacks that “I don’t know what” to decide. Sebastián Lora is a specialist in communicating ideas persuasively to achieve professional goals.

He was with us on ProMarketingDay on April 6, 2019 to offer us a talk full of good advice together with professionals from different areas such as Online Advertising, Social Networks, SEO or Copywriting. With a presentation in which he shared his personal story, Sebastián showed us how making videos can change our lives, also offering Gambling Gmail List us 3 powerful mental hacks to To explain this, he was referring to a situation that happened to him on December 25, 2008, when he received a call from Santo Domingo from his uncle Tony. —Sebastián, your cousin Andrés is getting married in May, and you have to come to the wedding. At this point, he started making excuses like he had no money, so he couldn’t go. But when his uncle assured him that he would pay for his passage, he had no choice but to accept. Sebastian was not fully aware at the time that he had just agreed to give a speech neither more nor less than in front of the 600 wedding guests .

Why should we face what scares us? After realizing the situation, Sebastián tried to manage his stress although, according to his own words, on the day of the wedding it looked like he was going to have a what is the same, look for the way in which the fact of not doing what you want to do hurts more than the fact of doing it. But, as the expert speaker said, we must not try to eliminate fear altogether , because it is not possible. What we must do is look for the counterpoint that, through that other fear, commits us to act. The key to overcoming a fear is commitment . In this way, Sebastián remembered the anecdote with which he had opened the presentation, in which he hurt more to look bad with his family than to go on stage. That was what helped him overcome his fear and speak to 600 people. How can we put it into practice? Each person has different fears so it is important that each think about their situation. Do you want to make a video, but are you scared? Commit yourself with people, whether it’s your high school colleagues, your Facebook wall, or your own kids. Manage this fear by making sure it hurts more not to do it than it does. We must locate our fears and find a way to commit ourselves to overcome them. Example of overcoming: the case of Sandra To explain this situation, Sebastián recounted the case of Sandra, a director of the world of tourism who, in April 2014, had to give a conference in front of 60 travel agents. Sandra was scared to death of speaking in public and decided to call her mother to calm down.

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