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Improve brand image by putting people at the center of the strategy

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Improve brand image by putting people at the center of the strategy

Daniel Marotte, CEO of Hydra Social Media reflected deeply in the 3rd Meeting of Agencies on what brands offer users today. telemarketing list providers He gave a different point of view on spam as we all know it and on the meaning of content as the center of any strategy. Is content really the King? telemarketing list providers Daniel Marotte at the 3rd Meeting of Agencies This is the video of Daniel Marotte’s presentation at the 3rd Meeting of Agencies in which he spoke about user experience, telemarketing list providers spam in the advertising sector and how to captivate people’s hearts to earn their pockets. telemarketing list providers User experience and Spam to improve brand image We are going to address something that should interest all marketers: people .

On the Internet we call them users but they are people, telemarketing list providers they are the ones who have the money to buy our products and we must care about them. There are some statistics that catch my attention and that it is convenient to know to understand the great incidence of spam in the user experience: telemarketing list providers Adblockers (systems that remove advertising from web browsing) are one of the most downloaded apps from Google Play and iTunes. It has become normal for users when they were previously something for more advanced users. telemarketing list providers People are clearly saying that they don’t want publicity . Even Apple natively allows you to block advertising on your devices. YouTube for its part launched YouTube Red, telemarketing list providers a version of the social network with a subscription of 10 euros per month to avoid seeing advertising in the videos, the famous pre-roll.

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In 2014, 8.5 trillion emails were sent that were considered spam. Only 30% of emails are relevant to one person. telemarketing list providers Only 7% of users recognize that traditional advertising, which takes time and interrupts us, influences purchasing decisions . Gambling Email List telemarketing list providers However, most agencies and brands continue to put most of their money in a channel that annoys and steals time. 92% of brands will send spam of some kind to their users. Therefore, the 8% telemarketing list providers of those who do not have an opportunity to win the hearts of users. And the only way to win the pocket of the users is to win the hearts of the people . telemarketing list providers According to Bloomberg, click fraud amounts to $ 6 trillion a year. That is, pay for the click of an ad, the CPC. We think that we are paying only when someone sees us and that is not the case.

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