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Ideas and Tips from marketing references at PRO Marketing DAY

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Ideas and Tips from marketing references at PRO Marketing DAY

On April 14, the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY was held in Madrid, the Digital Marketing event organized by Aula CM which this year hosted more than 500 attendees, 18 lectures and 4 real cases and which again left us great moments and new learnings that we collect in these 55 ideas. This new edition of PRO Marketing DAY allowed us to enjoy the presence of great leaders from different areas of digital marketing, as SEO positioning, Fast Food Direct Mail  Emotional Marketing, CRO, web analytics or video as well as giving us the opportunity to analyze real cases, practical examples and to resolve doubts about legal issues in regards to this sector.

Creative optimization of Google AdWords campaigns by Elena Caramel and Javier Alcazar The day started with a presentation by Elena Caramel and Javier Alcazar, teachers of the Google AdWords course in Aula CM. In it, both professionals began by explaining the main novelties that have recently been included in the platform to continue focusing on remarketing and how to use it correctly to avoid causing user rejection . The main idea of ​​the talk focused on how we should reward our users throughout the entire conversion funnel so that the final behavior is that of purchase.


The legal aspects came from the hand of Paloma Lanes, who focused on addressing different current issues within digital marketing. In a very complete talk, Gambling Gmail List we were able to learn about the rights and obligations that both users and those who dedicate ourselves to the marketing sector have, especially now that we are in a time of greater legal uncertainty. The expert resolved several doubts that arose among those attending the event, favoring their participation. In addition, Paloma also explained in detail how to comply with the new RGPD regulations , a topic that is currently fully topical due to its recent implementation. Now is the time to recap the most important ideas and tips from the presentations!

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