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How Yaiza made her business grow thanks

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How Yaiza made her business grow thanks

When we talk about undertaking a content marketing strategy, it is inevitable that some doubts appear: How is it done? Where do I begin? What story to connect? Yazza Relights is the creator of digital content, co-founder and CEO of RedLights.es , Ameriplan Leads space dedicated to affective-sexual education and the sale of erotic toys. In this presentation, Yazza, told us the secret of his success and how this adventure has evolved over time. He did it at our ProMarketingDay event on April 6, 2019. Through a natural and strong message. Its presentation will not leave you indifferent, and that is why we have summarized it in this article.

Ameriplan Leads
Ameriplan Leads

Shall we warm up with Yazza and her Relights ?Starting out was the easiest way for Yazza; He told us that he had lost all the fears that could remain after facing them in a life experience impossible to forget.Yaiza and her partner had an e-commerce with drop shipping. They sold erotic toys, and they were planted in the Erotic Salon of Barcelona for the first time with the intention of selling without stock.

For this they had their friend Paula, winner of a famous television show that, at that time, was in full swing and who helped them as a spontaneous influencer. In a collaboration with other YouTubers, whose channel was much larger than hers, she shared her experience as a survivor of child sexual abuse: her cousin was abusing her from 4 to 9 years old. Gambling Gmail List This generated a strong emotional impact on the audience that listened to it. The key to the success of a company with a personal brand is vulnerability. Yazza shared her experience to heal herself. However, it worked because it excited . In this way, people stopped buying from her or buying a product to start supporting a cause.

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