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How to use the new version of Google Search Console to optimize your SEO strategy

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How to use the new version of Google Search Console to optimize your SEO strategy

This post is a complete guide on how to use the new version of Google Search Console (old Google Webmaster Tools) and in it you will learn to analyze all the functionalities of this tool so that you can take full advantage of it and understand well what can be done in each section. Due to the recent interface change , many users need to understand how the new version works and where they can find the functionalities that they usually used in the previous version. That is the purpose of this guide and I hope it helps you. Buy A Motorcycle Owner Mailing List In addition, I am going to tell you various tips and tricks to make the most of the tool’s functions and improve your SEO on Google. In the Aula CM SEO Course we teach you to fully squeeze the functionalities of Search Console. Also in the SEO Online Course . Search Console is the advanced and free application that Google makes available to you for advanced analysis and SEO optimization of your website that will provide you with very valuable information to improve positioning and SEO strategy in general.

With it, you can analyze and execute all kinds of essential aspects and actions to monitor and optimize everything that has to do with the SEO positioning of your site. In the new version, the first thing that jumps out is a new, cleaner and more minimalist interface , which you still have to get used to if you have been working on the old version for a long time. They have cleared all the space a bit and grouped the sections in a different way. Apart from the aesthetic and element organization change, Search Console now gives you more detailed information about specific pages on your site, such as index coverage, canonical URLs, mobile usability, and more. In addition to the above, the new version also offers you new and improved tools and reports , given the importance of being able to present the information in an increasingly precise and visual way, both for you and for your clients. Likewise, with the new version of Search Console, some elements have disappeared but appear integrated into other functions (crawl errors, explore like Google, structured data), and other elements have been eliminated , such as eliminating URLs, HTML improvements , blocked resources, etc. Learn all about the new version of Google Search Console: cleaner interface, more detailed information, and improved tools and reports Click To Tweet In this post I am going to detail each functionality step by step so that you fully understand the differences with the previous version and where you can do the things you were doing before. Also, I will introduce you to all the new features and sections .

But, first of all, I am going to explain to you how you can install Google Search Console on your website, bearing in mind that the way to sign up has changed compared to the previous version. Execute Plan Contents Blog How to register your website in Search Console? To install Google Search Console on your website you have to go to the tool’s site here and then click on Start Now to enter with your Gmail account. If you don’t have one, Gambling Gmail List create one in a minute here . Once inside, the first thing they ask you is if you want to add a complete domain or just some specific URLs or directories. Full domain Type domain.com (option on the left of the lower graphic) you must do it without including the http or https protocol or the final bars (/). In this way, you will be registering all the versions of your domain at the same time, with or without https, with or without www, with or without subdomains, etc. That is, in this way you are adding all the variants of your doom

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