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How to survive the home office to be more effective?

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How to survive the home office to be more effective?

The home office has become the new normal. Since the beginning of 2020, many companies have had to adapt to this type of work, although not all people carry it as easily. Some workers feel less productive working from home and more exhausted at the end of the day. What is this about? Lack of organization . If you want to survive the home office and be more effective, read on, take note and then put into practice everything you will learn below. 3 keys that you can apply Be faithful to your work schedule: even if you are working from home, do not forget your time of entry and exit, also respect your time for lunch, nothing to eat in front of the computer! This will allow you to continue your routine Canada Business Phone List The fewer changes you make, the easier it will be to adapt

Build your home office: do not work in the dining room, much less from bed. Create a space for yourself, let it be your office. In this way, the home office will be more comfortable and you will feel in the right environment. Stay focused: when you manage to realize that your home is now also your office, you can see an advantage in the home office. You will not have the distraction of your colleagues speaking in a high tone, the ringing of nearby phones and even the pressure of feeling watched. Take this to your advantage and you will be more effective from the comfort of your home. Related content: Guide: Recommendations and tools for working remotely . Don’t let others distract you To be more effective in the home office, you should avoid distractions as much as possible. Many times your family and friends find it difficult to understand that even though you are at home, you still work! You must inform them that they cannot interrupt you while you are on your working hours and that you can only respond during your moments of rest. Avoid checking social media and focus on your work. If possible, turn off your cell phone notifications, so you won’t be tempted to check it every time it rings. Get organized in your home office Without organization, there is no progress. You will feel lost and it will cost you to increase your productivity in the home office. Tips to organize yourself: Keep an agenda (physical or virtual) with all the things you have pending. Order them from the most urgent to the least Gambling Email List important. Cross out each activity you have completed. You can give a stipulated time to each task. Have all your work tools at hand. Tools that will enhance your home office To run a home office to perfectionCanada Business Phone List

you need tools to help you simplify and organize your work. Google offers you a variety of options that will definitely facilitate the performance of your obligations. The most common: Google Drive: allows you to save and sort files, videos, documents, etc. And also share them with your colleagues so that they can also view them. Google Docs: create documents online and do it in a group. Google Meet: perfect for organizing your video conferences in real time with excellent video quality and easy to add participants. Gmail: you always need an email service and Google’s is the best option for sending and receiving information. Related content: Digital Consultants Tool Kit : Consulting tools to achieve more in less time

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