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How to sell by Facebook Ads to complete strangers in 4 Steps

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How to sell by Facebook Ads to complete strangers in 4 Steps

The sales funnel is one of the elements that we first think about when we consider creating an advertising campaign on Social Networks. But is it essential? Can we sell with Facebook Ads to strangers and without the need for a funnel? On April 14, we celebrated the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY , an event dedicated to the world of Digital Marketing. At the event, we were able to enjoy lectures focused on different topics such as SEO, Commercial Property Owners Database Online Advertising, Neuromarketing or YouTube. Victor Martín ,  entrepreneur and digital business advisor, was one of the speakers. During his lecture, he talked to us about how to sell to complete strangers on Facebook and without using a conversion funnel using advertising. This growing expansion has also generated an erroneous belief about the funnel. We consider it something essential in the sales strategy of a product; something without which our campaign could not function. But can you sell on Facebook without creating a funnel? Yes.

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Throughout his presentation, Víctor explained to us how we must manage our campaigns to achieve this. The 3 great myths of Facebook advertising After this introduction, Victor cited 3 misconceptions that commonly exist in relation to advertising on Facebook : You can only sell to people who already know you. That is, we can only sell our product to the public that we have previously impacted. You need a funnel to be able to sell. Which implies that we have to use different tools such as email marketing , webinars, etc. to be able to capture the leads. And, later, offer them our product. You cannot do direct sales , only retargeting. There is no possibility that the conversion will occur on the first impact to the user, it would be necessary to contact you again. These myths mean that many times we do not consider the possibility of running a direct sales campaign on Facebook . However, Victor affirmed that it is possible to do it, as long as we know how to manage our campaigns correctly.

“It is convenient to have a funnel, but there are many cases in which we do not need it to be able to sell” Sales process and retargeting in Facebook Ads The next step would be to know what is the usual sales or retargeting process that occurs on Facebook. To later see how to optimize it and focus it on an audience that does not know us. Selling process on Facebook When we face a sales process on Facebook, the first thing we usually do is create an ad. This will take us to an article that is related to the product we want to sell and that,
Gambling Gmail List in addition, will have a lead magnet that allows us to capture the user. Once we have captured the lead , we begin to nurture it through a series of emails until it decides that it is interested in making the purchase. Point at which we will present you with an offer to help the conversion finally take place. Retargeting process on Facebook This process is similar to the one presented above. If our user does not give us his e-mail, we will present him with another retargeting advertisement that redirects him directly to a page where he can download a guide or something similar. In this way we will get your data, continuing with the normal sales cycle.

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