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How to select the best hosting service for your brand?

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How to select the best hosting service for your brand?

One of the main challenges for current brand managers is deciding the technological platform in which their brand will have a digital presence. The times when this decision was delegated to the IT department have gone down in history. The marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that the brand reaches consumers’ technological devices in the best possible way, that involves the selection of the hosting service. It is true that there is much more to review, technology platform, content management system Sri-Lanka Phone Number List, design, strategy, digital media campaign, to name a few. If a marketing manager incorrectly selects the hosting service the web page may be slow or simply not displaying, these are two of the thousands of possible negative scenarios.

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In order to choose between the best options that our systems department presents to us, we must understand what the parameters to decide are Phone Number List. It is a good idea to have some information at hand, this questionnaire includes some of the most frequently asked questions required to select this indispensable digital marketing service .

How much traffic do you expect to receive on your website?
Will you launch a media campaign to drive traffic to the site? How many clicks do you expect to receive with your investment?
Do you offer discounts on adwords campaigns when hiring?
Do you allow the hosting of disreputable sites on your servers?
How much bandwidth and storage do you require? Will content be added in the future? (video, audio or photographs)

How many domains are you going to host? Will you host subdomains?

Will you sell products on the page? Do you need SSL? Will you ask for credit card information?

For how long do you need to buy the hosting? (there are usually significant discounts for annual payments)

Will you need shell / ssh access?

Do you need to buy the domain? (Check if the hosting service gives away the domain when contracting with them the hosting)

What operating system do you need? Linux or Windows? you can choose?

Do you require an HTTP server? Nginx, Litespeed, Apache, Lighttpd?

Do you need access to the control panel? Does the service include an app to monitor the performance of your site?

Do you need a pre-installed CMS like WordPress or Drupal?

Does your digital marketing agency require Ruby on Rails? In what language will you program the site?

Does it include automatic software updates? Is it a self-managed service?

Where is the server located? Do you require a CDN ( content delivery network )?

Do you need a transfer service from your current server? Does it include it in the price?

How easy is it to grow the service? How long would it take to expand the capacity of a server? (very useful in case of promotions that require immediate extension)

Do you need a service guarantee?

Do you offer 24/7 support? How do you request technical support? Email, telephone, support tickets, chat? Do you need technical support in Spanish?

Many questions are technical, others do not apply to all digital marketing efforts. Knowing the answers to most questions will significantly help make the relationship between the marketing and systems department as friendly as possible. When hiring hosting services, it is essential to consider the scope of our media campaigns or promotions in high seasons.

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