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How to reuse your old laptops

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How to reuse your old laptops

Long time, and I imagine many of you like you, I have used a laptop for work. But now, after , years, my computer, sometimes repaired two or three times. Decides to give up the ghost motherboard which is dead, screen which malfunctions, etc.  So I buy one, and I store the other until I find what to do with it. It pollutes, it consumes, it creates useless materials that we store at home. So seeing this video, I discovered a lot of interesting. Little things that can be done with the components of a laptop computer. And all this while recovering in particular the. LEDs, the screen fans, the speakers the mic, the camera, the hard drive, the lithium battery, etc. In the end, some decoration ideas, others rather practical or offbeat.

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But it reminds me that you have to force yourself to constantly look at the things that seem obsolete around you to ask yourself, in a creative way How can I divert this object To repair it Do something else Latest example on my side. I recovered an old photo retouching service leather bag, I unstitched the whole thing, recovered the leather, the thread, the buttons, etc. And with some of the leather and thread I made this knife sheath . With the rest, I may make myself a pocket to protect my external hard drive. All these actions, in my eyes, allow me to learn new processes. I had never worked or thought about leather before , to recycle objects, to make your environment yours, adapted to your needs, your uses , customized by you and therefore unique and chosen.

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Had been so long since I had put my nose in my portfolio that I had to do a reboot Indeed, today, totally committed and with design as my tools. I mainly publish my projects on Design Human . But now, alongside this design work, I give Gambling Email List conferences, I teach, I write, I host a podcast, and many other activities, always related to design and social commitment. So I wanted to bring everything together on one site, and rather than overloading it, I created it as a hub to discover https= For the little anecdote, this site is the very first domain name I had in my life, it was even my father who gave it to me for Christmas, years ago now.

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