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How to improve the positioning of your business with Google My Business

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How to improve the positioning of your business with Google My Business

After the pandemic, society has been forced to digitize, which has led to a total change in people’s digital behavior. Currently, mobile phone numbers brisbane especially in the hospitality sector, most queries are made through Google (recommendations, products, hours, reservations, etc.),mobile phone numbers brisbane so having a good positioning within this browser has been become essential. Google My Business is a totally free tool that will help you both to manage the file with all the information that your customers should know about your business, mobile phone numbers brisbane and to have a better local positioning within Google. Why use Google My Business? mobile phone numbers brisbane In addition to the better local positioning of your business that we have mentioned above.

Google My Business offers us a large number of advantages that we have summarized in these 5: Brief description of the business . mobile phone numbers brisbane The first impression that a client has about you is very important so Google My Business offers you a section where you can write a small text that defines your business. mobile phone numbers brisbane Hours . This option allows you to keep the client updated on the opening and closing hours of your business. mobile phone numbers brisbane The schedules can be updated without any type of restriction so they can be adjusted during vacation time or for holidays. Products or services . mobile phone numbers brisbane It is very important that your clients are updated on the offer of your business.

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Google My Business offers us a section where we can show the products or services that your business currently offers with just one click. Gambling Email List Featured Post . mobile phone numbers brisbane Google My Business offers a section within your file where you can publish any type of content, both permanent and temporary, mobile phone numbers brisbane such as offers, announcements or informative publications. Reviews . mobile phone numbers brisbane One of the most important and most decisive sections of Google My Business. mobile phone numbers brisbane  The reviews will help your customers decide whether or not to opt for your products or services, so you should have this section as carefully as possible and with all the reviews answered, both the good and the bad ones. mobile phone numbers brisbane The main key to making a good strategy with Google My Business is that the information on the file is up to date , otherwise all the previous work will not have been worth it.

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