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How to identify and protect yourself from a negative SEO attack

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How to identify and protect yourself from a negative SEO attack

They have penalized you. It is the worst thing that could happen to you and you do not know how it could have happened. telephone number list You have done everything right Do you know that there is negative SEO? This type of practice works and is more common than you think. telephone number listTake note, learn how to protect yourself and identify a negative SEO attack . You never know if the next one can be you. Not everything goes in web positioning, telephone number list or at least that’s what Google says. Based on this, SEO strategies and techniques are created following Google’s guidelines. But another thing is that by decisions and techniques beyond your control you end up penalized or in the best of cases, lose a good part of your organic traffic. I’m talking about negative SEO, telephone number list a part of SEO that we don’t always pay the attention it deserves.

Be careful, don’t be obsessed with it either, telephone number list not everyone is ever going to receive some attack or negative SEO techniques on their website, telephone number list but it could happen. What I want you to understand in this article is what types of negative SEO exist , what they can do to you, and how to identify them. Conversion Optimization What is negative SEO? telephone number list It is about the use of unethical practices with the aim of Google penalizing or sanctioning a competitor’s website. Normally techniques penalized by Google are applied, telephone number list so that it seems that they are intentional by the attacked web and that thus the positioning of said web is greatly affected. Sounds weird to you? Think what it would be like in the offline world. telephone number list A good friend told me something that happened in his family business a long time ago. Imagine that you have a greengrocer, the typical neighborhood one, and a large supermarket is open 15 meters away.

telephone number list

This one, to try to erase you from the map and lower your sales, parks a van every morning so large that it occupies a large part of your shop window. What happen? telephone number list Now very few people will see that you exist and that way you will hardly be able to get clients. What is the goal of negative SEO? The objective is clear. Instead of performing legal web positioning techniques, Gambling Email List and positioning in a natural way, you harm your competitor so that Google penalizes him and subtracts positioning to go over him. Is negative SEO important? If there is negative SEO, telephone number list it is because it works. Any web positioning strategy should take into account that at some point an attack of this type could be suffered. Obviously, the more there is at stake, telephone number list the more likely there will be such attacks. telephone number list Very profitable sectors or niches in which being in 1 or 3 position means increasing or reducing income significantly.

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