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How to do Email Marketing Automation for SMEs | Profitable Practices

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How to do Email Marketing Automation for SMEs | Profitable Practices

Automation allows us to free up time and invest it in functions that offer greater profitability. There are tools that can do a series of repetitive tasks for us. Gene Ramos tells us how the process works at ProMarketingDay. What is automation tasks Task Automation Beyond the advice of Tim Ferris and his 4-hour workweek, automation involves a set of methods that allow us to simplify tasks that have a repetitive nature. This resource will make us more efficient and we will be able to dedicate our efforts to issues that generate more productivity. Email List For Las Vegas  Although not all areas are capable of being automated, many of the internal functions in each of them are. These are some tasks that we can automate : Sales lead scoring How to measure the interaction of your contacts ( Lead Scoring ) Many companies do not know how active their databases are , how much their subscribers interact, if they open their emails or visit their website.

Email List For Las Vegas
Email List For Las Vegas

As we know, attracting leads is only the first step in a strategy aimed at other types of conversions. There is a long way in which we will accompany our leads on their journey through the funnel. A good newsletter, backed by a conscious email marketing strategy, will be more consistent as long as we know where our subscribers are. For example:  Have they stopped being cold leads? Are they more or less close to the purchase? Are they approaching our final goal? This entire monitoring process can be automated. Many tools facilitate this work based on an algorithm that companies define according to their own objectives . those potential clients that social media has brought us. We can automate the control of the leads that come to us from social networks. When the lead becomes part of our active database, a person is assigned to it.That is, from now on the lead will no longer speak with the brand, but with a person who will give them personalized attention. Behind this personalized monitoring is the CRM, which tells us when it is time to have contact with the lead, send him an offer or perform any action that we have previously defined.

The tool itself will generate metrics that will allow us to control various parameters (how many people have contacted via email, how many have been called by phone, how many have actually bought or hired, etc.) Here are 3 articles that will be very helpful when designing your email marketing strategy: What is a Newsletter, how to do it and 20 Email Marketing tricks 15 ideas of effective Email Marketing Campaigns to apply in your newsletters Email Marketing for eCommerce: Gambling Gmail List 14 strategies to get subscribers process the information and then you will have to generate a label for it When tagging the contact , you can refer to the name of the event or any tag that allows you to classify this new contact in your network. The process below will already depend on the objectives of your company or your personal brand. You can send an email as a first contact referring to the event, make phone calls, etc. To do this, you can use scheduling tools like Calendula where you can include people’s own email. Networking can also be automated.

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