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How to advertise on Instagram Ads: the complete step-by-step

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How to advertise on Instagram Ads: the complete step-by-step

Instagram ads is a way to run ads both in the feed. In stories. In reels. These ads are served in photo. Video and carousel formats with photo or video sequences. The tool can be used to drive clicks. Conversions. App installs. Video views and live chats. Another possibility is to directly advertise products for sale on the brand’s instagram store.

Creating instagram ads brings visibility. Attraction and  Finland Phone Number brand awareness to your business. Short videos. Photos. And carousel images are great to help educate about how to use products and services.

Continue reading the post to see some examples that we have already used here digital results.

How to get leads on instagram: practical tips to generate more contacts
create content. Engage. Relate. Sell and analyze! You will have all the knowledge at hand to leverage your company’s profile. Focusing on generating contacts and sales. Check it out now!

We also noticed in this Many people tagging friends to go to the event.

Multiplying the results of the ad. How to advertise on instagram ads
3. Advertisement with a photo of a real person
announcement made on instagram with the aim of promoting the rd summit live show. Official coverage of the rd summit. Using more humanized content with real photos is a great way to get attention on the social network.

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How to advertise on instagram ads:
4. Ad combining feed and instagram stories this announcement aimed to generate registrations for executive talks . Rd’s online event with great executives. As the participating directors played a big role in the promotion. We created a full-screen experience mixing banners and photo carousel.

Although this type of ad is widely used to generate awareness. We get great conversion numbers by spreading call-to-actions to encourage registration throughout the ad. The ad was circulated to both people with an interest in the event and people similar to them via the lookalike audience.

To advertise on instagram you must create an account in the facebook business manager and then use the ads manager .

Take advantage of instagram features instagram ads stand

Out for giving advertisers great targeting power. When running an ad on the network. You can target it with all the forms of targeting that exist in facebook ads. See some examples: text in the image: there is no longer that prohibition of text not being able to occupy more than 20% of the area of the image/photo used. But it is still a practice not recommended by instagram.

Image size and format: square (most recommended). 1080x1080px. Or rectangular. 1200×628. The file must not be larger than 30mb. See this facebook guide for the full list of sizes.
Video duration: up to 120 seconds (recommended not to exceed 15s). The file cannot be larger than 4gb. The most recommended format is mp4 and the measurements are the same as the images.
Carousel: limit of 10 images. Which must be square.
How to advertise on instagram ads: tutorial
now that you already have knowledge of the ad specifications. Let’s show you how to do it in practice. In this tutorial on how to advertise on instagram. We will use the ads manager . But remember that you need to create your business manager account first .

For those who are already familiar with facebook ads. It’s easier to do on instagram. Because it’s the same process. To get started. Just click on the green “+ create” button

format and wording definitions
then choose the objective you want to achieve with the campaign. It is worth mentioning that the types of campaigns may have their particularities of format and targeting. For demonstration. We will use the consideration/traffic one.

It’s important to name your campaign. Ad set. And ads so you can easily find them later.

In a traffic ad. You have to choose where the user should be directed. In addition. It is also possible to create dynamic ads with offers.

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