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How to advertise and advertise on Instagram step by step

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How to advertise and advertise on Instagram step by step

For a few months, Instagram has joined the group of social networks that allows dubai phone number example sponsored content. After testing them for a few months, we want to share with you a complete guide with 10 steps to creating a campaign, real examples of ad types, and tips to make them work well. dubai phone number example The importance of Instagram as an advertising channel bulb Although it takes a short time, it has become one of the best advertising alternatives due to its low cost and the attractiveness that images generate . The number of users already exceeds 400 million and the level of participation is very high.  dubai phone number example It is still too early to know if the ads generate more clicks with conversion here than in other systems, such as Facebook or Twitter Ads, but what we do know is that users interact and actively follow their favorite brands to be informed, for example ,  dubai phone number example discounts and contests. That means that ads targeting Instagram can be very effective.

More than 60% of active users are women (between 18 and 45 years old). Most statistics place women above men when it comes to online purchases. dubai phone number example Along with Facebook and YouTube, it is the social network where users spend more time connected (time spent), so the probability that our message will reach them is high. dubai phone number example Are Instagram campaigns cheap? Of course. Currently, and it happens whenever a platform starts, CPC costs are very low . dubai phone number example The cost per click is usually between 0.05 cents and € 0.15. Compared to Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads or even Facebook or Twitter Ads it is very economical. You can get visibility for very little money! dubai phone number example This will not last forever so you have to take advantage of the moment and the novelty. dubai phone number example Think that the more advertisers, the more competition and therefore, the higher bid or cost per click. Another feature of Instagram Ads is that it does not have its own ad manager,

dubai phone number example

but is managed from the Facebook ad manager or Ads Manager . dubai phone number example Far from being negative, this is a great advantage because you can manage ads targeting Instagram, ads targeting Facebook or both networks at the same time.  Gambling Email List It may seem confusing but then in practice it is a very useful and effective function. dubai phone number example  Later I will show you in an example. Share Facebook tools Step-by-step guide to dubai phone number example creating ads on Instagram Here is a guide with 10 steps to configure a campaign from start to finish in Instagram Ads and a lot of tricks that you can take into account to design your ads and configure the segmentation and budget of your campaign. dubai phone number example You can also visit our article 14 Creative techniques to make ads in Adwords and Social Networks + Video where you will find some creative ideas that you can implement in your Instagram campaigns. 6 311. Link Instagram with Facebook dubai phone number example If you are clear that you want to test an Instagram campaign, dubai phone number example the first thing you should do is link your account with its respective Facebook page.

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