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How do mobile gaming audiences respond to advertising?

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How do mobile gaming audiences respond to advertising?

Games on the smartphone can be a solution to those dead times or moments when we need to distract ourselves without having to think too much. all phone number However, there are three specific groups of people who are more predisposed to this type of entertainment. all phone number That is what Ad Colony concludes in its macro-study in Spain entitled ‘Customer Persona Mobile Gaming in Spain’ . The mobile video advertising company has analyzed the different profiles of mobile entertainment consumers and has distinguished three categories: all phone number Young-adults, professionals and seniors. This time it was the turn of knowing more about the second, all phone number that of the professionals.

Within this, three other subgroups have been extracted, all phone number based on gender, years of work experience and lifestyle. all phone number Here we summarize some of the main conclusions. There is a preference for bounty ads Both women and men with more than 20 years of professional experience choose mobile games that allow them to earn rewards for viewing advertising and continuing to play. all phone number As for women, among the types of games that most attract them are puzzles, action games, adventure games and “party games”. all phone number On the other hand, racing, action or adventure games are the ones that prevail among men, who use their mobile phones most of the time to play and escape from work and stress. Users know brands through advertising all phone number At the same time, professionals value advertisers who enable them to play their favorite games while helping them discover their products or services in detail .

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In general, when ads are not annoying, all phone number they have Gambling Email List a positive effect. In fact, 28% of women who practice mobile entertainment discover brands through the advertising that appears in the app from which they play. On the other hand, 25% of men tend to buy brands that they have seen advertised . all phone number Young couples with children are more likely to pay money As for young people with children, a section that includes those between 25 and 34 years old, they also prefer reward-type ads. However, all phone number there is a difference, and that is that they are the people most likely to pay money to improve their situation in games . In line with the above, all phone number the interest of parents stands out, half of them, to click on the ads they see while playing on their mobile . all phone number In addition, 34% of these gaming parents do research on the product they clicked on.

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