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How Brands Promote Their Products on Twitch

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How Brands Promote Their Products on Twitch

How to promote your products on Twitch on Twitch The platform has more than 17.5 million daily active users Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows users to both broadcast live and watch them.  mobile directory australia Streamers broadcast an event in real time and interact with the audience that communicates through chat. In the last year, mobile directory australia due to the global limitations caused by the pandemic, both the streaming industry and the video game industry have strengthened, increasing their consumption drastically. mobile directory australia This has caused live streaming platforms, such as Twitch, to take advantage of this situation and right now they are at their best.

With this new form of digital entertainment from Amazon, thousands of people stream every day and brands have the opportunity to showcase their products and services through their content creators. mobile directory australia Some of the options when it comes to running a good campaign on Twitch are: Mentions : mobile directory australia Content creators can make mentions of the brand and certain products during the broadcast of their stream. Banners : mobile directory australia you can place advertising banners embedded in the show itself during the entire show. mobile directory australia This banner can be both permanently and for a certain time.

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Sponsored broadcast : mobile directory australia Gambling Email List the content of the stream itself is related to the brand. For example, that the streamer spends an hour playing a certain video game. Product placement : mobile directory australia Brands give content creators products to wear or use during live shows. mobile directory australia For example, the chair from where he does the live, the camera with which he records or even the microphone. Interactions with the chat : mobile directory australia there is the option that during the broadcast the streamers can program different messages in the chat, mentioning a brand or talking about a special product. mobile directory australia Unboxing : Brands send packages to content creators to open during their live shows.

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