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Having these Attitudes and Professional Skills guarantees you to have a job in

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Having these Attitudes and Professional Skills guarantees you to have a job in

Difference between hard and soft skills Before going into a detailed comment on the most demanded professional attitudes and skills, we must make a first distinction. What is the difference between hard core skills and soft core skills? We could summarize it as follows: Hard skills Soft skills They are those related to the technical requirements that a person must have to access a job. Buy Weight Loss Leads Language management, computer skills, etc. would be included in this group. In summary, hard-core skills refer to the person’s knowledge, while soft-core skills refer to their aptitudes or attitudes to a situation. If we take as an example the work profile of a Community Manager, we could say that hard skills are knowledge about Social Networks, monitoring tools , etc. while soft skills would have to do with aspects such as creativity or the ability to empathize with users, for example. When

we talk about skills in the workplace, we refer to certain characteristics that people have in an intrinsic way. Which can be improved with work and perseverance. If we know the skills in which we are good, we can train and enhance them Click To Tweet In addition to understanding what they consist of, it is important that we know what are the most demanded skills and attitudes in the labor market based on our professional profile. Knowing what is the profile of an ideal worker for a certain job, will allow us to check if we meet the requirements for it. Or if we should focus on improving any of our qualities. SEO positioning How are professional skills and attitudes different? Another issue that arises when referring to these two concepts is the difference between attitudes and professional skills. Although the terminology is quite similar, it is important to understand the nuances between them: Professional Skills They refer to what we can do relatively innately .

This type of characteristics, therefore, will predispose us to do some tasks more effectively and also implies that we will better adapt to some professional vacancies compared to others. Professional Gambling Gmail List  Attitudes They are linked to how we deal with the various situations that may occur in a workplace. These types of characteristics are increasingly valued by companies when considering hiring a person. EXAMPLE The extroversion is a trait that is linked to the personality and can make us better adapt to certain jobs, for example, commercial. In this case, we would be talking, therefore, of a professional aptitude. On the other hand, the fact that we deal with a problem effectively depends on how we react ourselves to that situation. And, therefore, it will be related to our professional attitude.

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