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Guide to make a good advertising campaign on YouTube with AdWords

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Guide to make a good advertising campaign on YouTube with AdWords

Video is the content format that grows the most every day, phone number database either as a source of information or as simple entertainment, and to consume this content, phone number database it is no secret that the most popular platform is YouTube , without any doubt. Therefore, if you have not yet tried to carry out advertising campaigns on YouTube for your project, I recommend that you bet on this new advertising channel that is not yet so exploited and thus differentiate yourself from your competition. It is not necessary to have large means to record a promotional video. phone number database Nowadays there are commercials that have been a great success and that have been recorded with normal cameras, phone number database and even with mobile phones .

In addition, you can also create banners with images or GIF type, phone number database and make them appear above and to the side of the videos you want. As it is a type of advertising encompassed within the Google AdWords platform, phone number database we have a wide selection of settings and configurations that allow us to carry out highly segmented campaigns to reach very specific users. And best of all, since they will be mostly video ads, these will be easier to remember. phone number database More enjoyable and with greaterEvery time we read less and consume more audiovisual content. phone number databaseThey are more enjoyable and we are less tired when it comes to informing and entertaining ourselves. In addition, through a video, phone number database it is easier to tell a story and turn our ad into a video that users want to see because it generates curiosity .

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This is what is known as Storytelling . phone number database Thanks to this, Gambling Email List we can ensure that the ad is not seen as intrusive, but as entertaining content that the user wants to see in full.Given that YouTube is the second most used social network in the world phone number database, and that an average person spends 40 minutes a day watching videos on this platform, phone number database the audience we can reach is very wide . That is why if we want to carry out an advertising campaign that reaches a large number of people, advertising on YouTube is one of the best options. phone number database Your competitors will probably only advertise on the Search Network, so this is your chance to stand out and stick with your message . Video is still an advertising format that is not widely exploited, so if you make good ads, your audience will remember you and not your competition. phone number database Keep in mind that the audiovisual content is more impressive and the memory effect is greater than what we achieve with a simple text or image ad.

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