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grants to create companies and grants to entrepreneurs

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grants to create companies and grants to entrepreneurs

Every day more people start to create new businesses. Manufacturing Email List However, often the lack of funding is a major obstacle to developing your projects. So we have decided to collect the best grants and subsidies for the creation of companies and entrepreneurs . Manufacturing Email List We hope that they will be useful to you when starting your idea. Manufacturing Email List We started with this modality because indeed there are many people who consider entrepreneurship as a way of self-employment. There is a national self-employment aid program that initially includes 4 types of aid. These grants are subject to the modifications that each Autonomous Community deems appropriate. 1. Manufacturing Email List Subsidy for the establishment as a self-employed or self-employed worker In this case, the amount will be determined by each Autonomous Community for those who belong to the following groups:

Generally unemployed. Unemployed youth (up to 30 years). Manufacturing Email List Unemployed women. Unemployed with disabilities. Unemployed women with disabilities Other conditions for these grants 2. Manufacturing Email List Financial grant The amount is equivalent to a reduction of up to 4 points in the interest set on the loan with a maximum limit of € 10,000. Said loan must be used for investments in fixed assets (at least 75%). Manufacturing Email List The other 25% can be dedicated to financing current assets . In any case, the entrepreneur must make an investment in fixed assets for an amount that exceeds 5,000 euros . 3 Grant for technical assistance The amount of this subsidy will be 75% of the cost of the services provided. The cap is 2,000 euros . Manufacturing Email List 4. Subsidy for training The amount of this category will be 75% of the cost of the courses received , with a ceiling of 3,000 euros .

The Institute for Women, in coordination with the Ministry of Social Services and Equality, has established various programs to support women. Manufacturing Email List Women represent only 34.5% of the total self-employed. Companies run by women, Manufacturing Email List for their part, tend to have a smaller economic dimension and it is more difficult for them to access credit. Ironically, they are more resistant businesses. Manufacturing Email List Program “Rural Woman Challenge It is within the framework of the Plan for the Promotion of Rural Women 2015-2018. Gambling Gmail List Its purpose is to support female entrepreneurship in rural areas, promote self-employment and business creation. Manufacturing Email List It started with the “Rural Woman Challenge” contest in 2016. The program includes training, mentoring and coaching to accompany rural women and provide them with all the necessary knowledge. It includes the launch of the Rural Women Entrepreneurship Portal ,

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