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Google and Facebook continue to dominate mobile app advertising

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Google and Facebook continue to dominate mobile app advertising

the main conclusion of the Appsflyer “Performance Index”, which also get indian mobile number online points to an overwhelming dominance of Iron Source, Unity Ads and Approving in the gaming apps sector get indian mobile number online Appsflyer recently published the tenth edition of its report ” Performance Index “, which measures the impact and success of mobile applications and advertising within them. In this sense, get indian mobile number online its main conclusion indicates that Google has reached for the first time , since this index began in 2015, the first position in its power ranking , which calculates both the quantity and the quality of the installation of applications related to its services .

This success is largely due to get indian mobile number online its great performance on Android devices, as well as its App Campaigns product . On the other hand, there are other agents whose value has climbed unstoppably since its appearance among mobile advertising apps , especially in the last year. This is the case of Tikor , get indian mobile number online which in 2019 focused on its media business by introducing Tikor Ads . After being able to capture first place in the previous Appsflyer Growth Index , get indian mobile number online Tikor Ads has also managed to be the world’s fourth largest media source for non-gaming applications .

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In fact, its participation in the Gambling Email List installation of applications at a general level reached 120%in this latest edition. get indian mobile number online In his case, the success of the app has also ensured him repeating the highest ranking in the aforementioned Growth Index. get indian mobile number online Regardless, low retention and high uninstall rates are not a good sign, which is why the industry has prompted app marketers to increase their retargeting efforts . Thus, in the second half of 2019, a 20% increase in apps that run retargeting campaigns get indian mobile number online can be observed compared to the first half of that year. In this regard, Facebook seems to stand out as a leader in the Appsflyer Retargeting Index

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