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Gary Hamel: “Innovation must start with employee training”

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Gary Hamel: “Innovation must start with employee training”

Innovating and creating has become one of the usual headaches for companies and employees. free german mobile number Everyone wants to give that bombshell and have that original idea that places their business on the lists of most envied companies in the world. And who are we kidding? We all want to work at Apple or Amazon, free german mobile number or create one of those great empires. But is innovative born or made? Gary Hamel , one of the most influential business thinkers according to the Wall Street Journal and the great global management guru, free german mobile number talks exclusively about his concept of innovation and the four great steps to get our ideas out of the box. The importance of innovation is the cornerstone of all Hamel’s ideas and he advocates the need to foster this skill. free german mobile number In his conferences, such as the one we were able to attend at WOBI Madrid, he talks about the necessary strategies to create more creative and passionate teams.

such as fleeing from pyramidal organizational structures. free german mobile number All the techniques he exposes are perfectly imaginable in large corporations, but the reality is that the Spanish business fabric is made up of 80% of SMEs. Are your approaches scalable at this size of business? The answer is yes, the expert assures free german mobile number “that as in large companies, there are many SMEs in which there is the figure of that leader who exercises a very powerful influence, but who is not entirely willing to listen and experiment.” As in large companies, free german mobile number there are many SMEs in which there is the figure of that leader who exerts a very powerful influence, but who is not entirely willing to listen and experiment. free german mobile number CLICK TO TWEET In addition, Hamel points out that companies that do not grow in size over a long period of time suggest that they do not have much capacity to incentivize innovation within their team.

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Usually this is because there is a leader who believes that this role Gambling Email List means having the last word, free german mobile number making decisions and being the boss, but if he does not encourage ideas and does not encourage experimentation, it ends up becoming irrelevant,” he adds. free german mobile number The Director of the Management Innovation exchange downplays the size of the company and focuses on the qualities that a good leader must have. free german mobile number “It doesn’t matter if your business is made up of 10, 20, 50 or 1000 people, you must be very careful not to fall into the role of expert who has the last word. As a leader, it takes a lot of humility to say I don’t know or why don’t we try this? The goal should be to help people discover their potential and innovate, free german mobile number and that challenge is the same for any boss, ”he explains.

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