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Gamification in the company: play to learn to win

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Gamification in the company: play to learn to win

Somewhere we have heard that men do not stop playing because they get old,  canada phone directory but that they get old because they stop playing. And, the truth is, we believe that this is applicable to companies. Every game requires the exercise of some capacity or skill. When a business gets carried away and does not take certain risks, canada phone directory it is lost. This is what a learning and development tool of constantly growing companies tries to avoid : gamification . Because a business grows when everyone who is part of it learns. And there is no better way to learn than by playing. canada phone directory The purpose of corporate gamification has no secret. It is about transferring the mechanics of games to the professional field. In other words: it is much easier to absorb knowledge through a game , concentrate and engage in it, than in a course full of abstract concepts and endless PowerPoint presentations.

An example of gamification in a large company At Deloitte, they were aware of the importance of training their managers to energize teams and achieve planned goals. canada phone directory For this, innumerable trainings were developed, courses that delved into the most effective motivational techniques, in addition to having a training website. However, the recipients of these activities attended them, participated, entered the web, listened to the concepts and after a while . canada phone directory  they forgot them. So the auditing company decided to use gamification. To do this , canada phone directory the web focused on training was renewed , offering content and a much more playful aspect. In it, different levels of games were arranged, rankings were established based on learning, missions that had to be completed were established and virtual prizes were generated . Of course, the content of the game was the same as that given in the aforementioned training classes.

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The results were a success. canada phone directory That once boring training  Gambling Email List website became one of the favorites of managers. Users who visited it every day increased by more than 40%. The web came to generate a fun rivalry among those who accessed it,  canada phone directory a competition in search of rewards that was discussed between laughter at coffee time. But, above all, this gamification tool presented greater retention of knowledge. canada phone directory There are a thousand ways to develop gamification. It should not only be intended for managers. Before the coronavirus prevented the development of these types of games, escape games became one of the fashionable entertainment. And very soon, companies found that they were a great way to encourage teamwork among their employees while enhancing their leadership. Companies such as Cinesa, canada phone directory Telefónica or Leroy Merlin made it a very welcome custom among their workers. Gamification favors creative development and provides users with an environment of collaboration and belonging to a community. canada phone directory On the other hand, associating the company with a game helps to strengthen the values ​​and culture of the company.

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