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Gadgets, e-commerce sites and web pages: The most searched in technology during 2013

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Gadgets, e-commerce sites and web pages: The most searched in technology during 2013

The search for information online is one of the most popular activities among Internet users worldwide, which causes sites like Google or Bing to have a privileged place among users. Ivory Coast Phone Number List Recent data published by Intel ensures that every minute more than 2 million searches are produced around the world, while in Mexico the search for information through various online platforms is ranked as the second most important activity carried out by Internet users (84 percent) only below receiving and sending emails (87 percent), according to AMIPCI estimates .

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For brands and companies that develop online strategies, knowing the interests that Internet users reveal through the searches carried out means new opportunities to be within the conversations Phone Number List of their online audience to be closer, relevant and part of the day-to-day life of the audience.

In this regard, Google launched the 2013 edition of Google Zeitgeist , a compilation of the most searched in Mexico and the world through the great search engine during the last 12 months.

Taking this information into account, we share the most searched gadgets, e-commerce sites and websites in Mexico during 2013:

The Most Wanted Gadgets in Mexico

Iphone 5s
Iphone 5c
Samsung Galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy s3
iPad air
iPad mini
Nexus 5
Xperia z1
Blackberry Z10
Nokia Lumia 710
Most searched websites in Mexico

Google translator)
Free market
Google maps
Most searched online commerce sites in Mexico

Free market

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