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For Your Flexible Uganda Phone Number

Online education companies Uganda Phone Number have abandoned. Their roots in 2013, the market size of china’s. Online education reached 98.1 billion; in 2014, its market size Uganda Phone Number reached 133.8 billion, with a growth rate of more than 30%; reached 174.5 billion. Such a huge market prospect makes countless online education. Companies Uganda Phone Number and capital less rational. In the event that, the end of last year, nearly 60 online education companies had closed or transformed. Accounting for more than 10%. Even jiayuan’s “little dragon girl” gong haiyan also closed ladder and nahao. Liu kuang believes that the reason. Why online education will be reshuffled. So soon is that online education companies are abandoning their roots. And leading to a steady stream of outstanding problems.

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For users and seizes the market. In the event that, seem Uganda Phone Number to have one characteristic: they follow blindly. Today’s online education market is no less competitive than the thousand-team battle in the group buying industry. Many people see that others have made money in a certain field or that others say  that a certain industry has great market opportunities, so they often follow blindly and flood in like a swarm. Opt out, lamenting bad luck. Second, the video content seriously homogenized. Today, most online education platforms have launched free video content for users, and most of these videos copied from other platforms. There are very few original original videos, let alone high-quality and differentiated content.

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The event that, general bad impression Uganda Phone Number on the majority of online learners: online education is nothing more than simply putting a few videos on the website, and it is nothing more than a false name. Third, there is no real understanding of the characteristics of the online education industry and the Uganda Phone Number characteristics of users. Online education an industry in which education and the internet deeply integrated. Even so / though, internet companies do not understand education, and traditional education and training institutions do not understand the internet. Fourth, the profit model is worrying. At present, the main profit points of domestic online education lie in sharing and advertising fees, and the profit model is very simple.

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