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Find out how YouTube hopes to boost e-commerce

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Find out how YouTube hopes to boost e-commerce

A new resource launched by YouTube seeks to promote e-commerce through video ads that allow you to make a purchase directly. Mexico DF-. Globally, electronic commerce is a trend that is growing like foam. According to eMarketer data Hungary Mobile Database, during last year electronic commerce represented 5.9 percent of the total retail market in the world, which means that during 2014 it had a turnover of about 1,316 trillion dollars globally.

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That is why brands of all categories as well as social platforms and communication media are constantly searching to design tools that benefit the growth of electronic commerce, that of advertisers and the income that this means.

Such is the case of the new resource launched by YouTube, which seeks to reach a specific target through video and invite them to make purchases from the ads on that platform Brother Cell Phone List.

It is a function called TrueView for shopping that, according to Google, was created with the intention of “connecting the moment a person watches a video and the moment they decide to make a purchase”. Therefore, advertisers will have the possibility to show the details of their products and offer audiences the possibility of making purchases with a click from the promotional video.ecommerce

Remember that these videos are delivered to users in a personalized way based on their browsing habits and location, so the possibilities for brands to increase sales are exponential.

Likewise, and considering that 50 percent of YouTube views come from mobile devices, the video platform has been concerned with adapting the function for these terminals, a movement that will give greater scope to each message and possibility of purchase.

Online video consumption is one of the main activities carried out by Internet users globally. According to Adobe, during the second quarter of 2014, 38.2 billion videos were viewed online, which represented an increase of 43 percent compared to last year. In the same way, it is worth mentioning that more than 50 percent of mobile traffic is destined to the consumption of these contents.

With these figures in mind and coupled with the segmentation opportunity – geography, habits and user tastes – implied by the new tool launched by YouTube, we can say that it is a highly valuable effort that could drive the growth of e-commerce in important way around the world from a usual space for consumers and, therefore, for brands.

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