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Fashion District: “We want to professionalize influencer marketing and offer real data to brands”

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Fashion District: “We want to professionalize influencer marketing and offer real data to brands”

https://www.latestdatabase.com/china-phone-number-list/Representation, what is a china phone number Distribution and Communication agency of leading international brands whose objective is to satisfy all the needs of a brand to enter the Spanish market and solve problems that may arise, has signed an agreement with Le Guide Noir to provide data-based technology capable of guaranteeing their work and professionalism. fashion district bae At For marketing we have spoken with Bea Villarreal, founder of Fashion District Spain,  what is a china phone number to get to know them a little better. This has told us. What is the Fashion District agency and how was it born?  what is a china phone number A multidisciplinary agency that represents and distributes fashion and beauty brands in Spain, Andorra and Portugal . what is a china phone number We always work comprehensively with all our brands, managing sales, marketing, communication, PR and on some occasions, as in the case of ANINE BING, managing their franchises. On November 24 he launched a new project, MB11 Agency.

A consulting company for influencers or talents (as I like to call it): models, photographers, art directors, entrepreneurs . We want to help these people to better communicate their work, what is a china phone number values, philosophy and lifestyle so that they can achieve their goals. What differentiates it from the rest of the agencies? The personal and close treatment . what is a china phone number The will to offer a comprehensive service that really offers practical solutions for your day to day and where we help you create a coherent brand image. What is the purpose of the agreement between Fashion District and Le Guide Noir? what is a china phone number What advantages will influencers find? what is a china phone number Our idea is to professionalize influencer marketing , offer real data to brands. That they are able to maximize their investment in social networks and thus obtain traffic and sales on their different platforms. How much importance is given to the brand image of an influencers?

what is a china phone number

Is an influencer just an image or is there something else? Gambling Email List what is a china phone number Brand image and reputation is everything, it is what generates value and differentiation . As in any brand, there must be values, a positioning . what is a china phone number Influencers / talents must know how to manage their personal brand so that it lasts over time. What doubts or fears do foreign brands that want to enter the Spanish market usually have? what is a china phone number They seek advice in the face of a lack of knowledge of the market and consumer behavior. Each market or country has different peculiarities that must be taken into account when introducing a brand. Do clients tend to demand a lot of collaboration with influencers? Yes, what is a china phone number currently it is the easiest way to publicize your brand but it is important to make a good selection of influencers and define an appropriate strategy.

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