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Fabulist Travel: “We like families who educate by traveling and who travel educating”

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Fabulist Travel: “We like families who educate by traveling and who travel educating”

Fabulist Travel , german phonenumbers fabulist travel CEO Ana Olmos the Spanish startup dedicated to the organization of trips for families with children, has been able to retain its customers thanks to merging technology and human relationships in order to create unique experiences for all types of families. The co-founder and CEO of Fabulist Travel, german phonenumbers Ana Olmos, tells us about it, for whom technology is not an end in itself, but a means to improve people’s lives. In this case, families who enjoy experiences with their loved ones. How did Fabulist Travel start? german phonenumbers We come from the world of technology and innovation. I worked at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and my partner in the private sector.

We came from being steeped in innovation and technology, german phonenumbers but our professional profile has never seen technology as an end in itself, rather we value it insofar as it can help people’s lives. In the case of tourism, there has been a digital revolution whose focus was on the added value that technology can provide. german phonenumbers  At one point, lists with a lot of information began to appear, but the question we asked ourselves was: how do I build my trip? Then other factors were added. german phonenumbers Now the destination is not so important as the experience we have there. The Erasmus generation conceives travel differently, they are more focused on experiences and living them with passion. They use the whole world as a stage for it.

german phonenumbers

We knew how to see that revolution, german phonenumbers but we also Gambling Email List saw that we need experiences and, above all, a reason. In addition, from the point of view of the business model, german phonenumbers we saw that the sector of families with children is in high demand but is very poorly served. There are many shortcomings when it comes to what a family can do on a trip, and what is offered are tightly packed packs. german phonenumbers So we saw that there was a lot of room for improvement and that our target was growing a lot. This is how Fabulist Travel was born, with a different concept of the experiences that families with children can have . german phonenumbers Knowing that we had the technology and the experiences, which serve as a common thread, we pushed the idea forward.

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