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Experts Answer Questions Every SEO Consultant Needs to Solve

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Experts Answer Questions Every SEO Consultant Needs to Solve

SEO is a highly variable discipline and what works on some pages does not work on others. In addition, there are different ways of working the SEO of a website to reach the goal set. In this post you will find great questions answered by experts, that you as an SEO Consultant have ever asked yourself. Will some of their answers match yours? CPA Email List During the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY that took place on April 14, we had the pleasure of having 5 great SEO references such as César Aparicio, Álvaro Suez «Chui so», Luis Villanueva, Giannulli Legato and MJ Caching, who gave their point in view of different questions about positioning. The questions that were posed in this SEO table were proposed by the students of Aula CM and the speakers themselves who wanted to know what the opinions of the rest of their classmates were in this regard. Below you have the video-summary of the SEO Table and the most interesting points of the presentation:

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For Luis, it is necessary to look for the semantic relationship within all that grouping of URLs (cluster), find the place where it makes the most sense to put the link and place it there to give more strength to the URL that we want to enhance. What is really interesting, according to Luis, is to look at the data (Analytics) to compare the performance of that URL with respect to the rest, find its deviation and make decisions. Putting links to put, even if they make sense, often does not give results. Many times we make optimizations that are useless For him, the real problem with a Drop shipping is that the provider offers the same descriptions of each product to the sellers, so those texts are on more websites and it is considered duplicate content . Manually creating original content for each of these products is very difficult and he would choose to use Black Hat SEO strategies to solve the situation. Finally, ask the rest of the SEOs who participate in the debate what they would do. Gambling Gmail List Luis Villanueva: For Luis, you have to apply logic and common sense and define the degree of “dirty talk” you want to do on the website. Introducing duplicate content to your website that “a priori” can penalize you, but in the end it will not have negative effects, since other pages have the same content. EXAMPLE The vertical ad portals, for the most part, have exactly the same content as the rest, since users upload their ad to all those who are interested.

Google does not penalize these contents, but neither are these pages positively affected by the content that they have duplicated, that is, at the SEO level it does not contribute anything. Once this was taken into account, Luis would bet on looking for those products that could be more beneficial and would work them manually with unique content and placing them on the first page of each categorization. Giannulli Legato: Giannulli agrees with the approach given by Luis Villanueva: to bet on the most profitable products. Under conditions of equality between products with the same content, the one with the strongest page will be better positioned It also adds the importance of working on the categories as a differentiating element and as a possibility so that the full weight of the positioning does not fall on the product file.

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