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Exhibitions of the Students of the 4th edition of the Community Manager Course

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Exhibitions of the Students of the 4th edition of the Community Manager Course

Our students from Aula CM present us with the operation and keys of different social networks and essential tools for the daily life of the Community Manager.  uk phone number online We all learn a lot from the contributions they bring us to class. Instagram, Agora News, uk phone number online Scribd, and many others. Know them all. At the end of the course, all students must prepare a presentation on a social network or website of interest. uk phone number online This should last about 10 minutes and explain to the rest of the students why and how it can be useful to the Community Manager.

On this occasion the students of the 5th edition of the Course were lucky enough to attend the 9 exhibitions on their second day of class. uk phone number online If they already learned enough, it is also a wonderful experience that they see the level and camaraderie of the students who finish. uk phone number online There was also an opportunity to chat and give advice to the new students. One of them that made me very funny was that they finished the blog article at the end of class so that they did not accumulate later. uk phone number online They encouraged them and wished them good luck with the classes. The presentations were very comprehensive and we were all encouraged to try various tools.

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Congratulations to all the students for the good work Gambling Email List and for expressing yourself so well to so many people. uk phone number online Below I share with you some of the slide presentations they made: uk phone number online If you want to improve your marketing, here we propose 615 marketing and advertising actions according to 25 experts Andy Zapata Galan – November 16, 2012answer The exhibitions were very good, I liked them a lot and excellent contributions. uk phone number online continue like this. Maria – November 16, 2012answer What professional vocabulary these colleagues have!  uk phone number online Congratulations on the presentations to all, you are super-worked! Luisa SalamancaMPANIES.

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