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Examples and Real Strategies of Successful Brands on

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Examples and Real Strategies of Successful Brands on

Video is one of the most relevant formats today, so companies must consider it when creating their content planning. But, do we know how we can take advantage of platforms like YouTube within our marketing strategy? In the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY , held on April 14, 2018, we had the opportunity to resolve this and other issues related to the field of Digital Marketing. The person in charge of putting the finishing touch to the event was Carolina Denial , YouTube expert and one of the founders of Clip set . With a presentation loaded with examples, Carolina told us about how we can take advantage of the use of this platform in the marketing strategy of a company. Diabetes Mailing List In this video you will be able to know some of the main aspects of his conference: When she started talking about the platform, Carolina asked the public a question:

“What is YouTube?” She herself would be in charge of answering it a minute later. YouTube is: The video platform par excellence. A social network in which people share content. In addition, an interaction is generated with the comments and there are different communities. The second most important search engine after Google. In addition, both are part of the same company, which explains why YouTube content ranks better than that of other video platforms. A platform of influence that can make relatively unknown people famous. This also has to do with the universality of said platform. These last two points are especially important. Not only for the relevance they have for content creators, but also for the usefulness for those companies that want to include it in their content strategy. EXAMPLE The Rubeus has become a person of reference after creating and launching its content on YouTube.

Regardless of whether we make more or less use of the platform, we are all able to recognize him as a famous Youtuber. In fact, the success achieved thanks to its content has led it to establish collaborations with brands such as Fanta to make advertisements outside the platform. Another aspect to be addressed during the presentation was the economic issue. And, as the YouTube expert commented, Gambling Gmail List one of the questions that many people ask themselves is: How much do youtubers charge? Carolina highlighted the current trend that implies that many young people want to be Youtubers and develop their professional careers within the platform. However, as she herself indicated, being able to monetize content is not a simple or fast task.

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