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Examples and creative techniques of customer loyalty with

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Examples and creative techniques of customer loyalty with

This post is not just another list of data and theoretical concepts of CRM’s and customer loyalty techniques of which we are all fed up, available cell phone numbers canada I am the first! For me, loyalty to your customers consists of offering the customer the best possible product and service, in this way, you will be their first option, available cell phone numbers canada always! Loyalty is not only about selling, selling and selling. So you I’ll tell you step by step and with real examples of my companies Booklets and Smarm . available cell phone numbers canada You will learn how I have managed to create loyal customers using a CRM.Bocetos.com companies, between a client,

Javier (who is in charge of customer service) and myself, available cell phone numbers canada with which the famous “shit fan” was unleashed and that surely you have also lived in one of your companies: “Ringgggg, ringgggg… hi, are you Javier? available cell phone numbers canada – client “Well, he’s not here right now, if you tell me what you want I’ll leave it in a note” – Tomás “Could you tell him to change the phone number that he puts on my website clientname.com ?” – client “Of course, I mention it to him and he changes it, no problem” available cell phone numbers canada  Tomás When he hung up, he wrote an email with all the information and sent it to Javier so that he could do the task as soon as possible. available cell phone numbers canada But since Javier receives in the order of hundreds every day he missed seeing it, and was left undone.

A few days later the phone rang again: “available cell phone numbers canada Javier? Has something happened? I don’t see that the phone number I told you has changed. ” – client Oops sorry! Tomás’s mail was passed to me. Gambling Email List I have hundreds every day, excuse me, right now I’m doing it ”- Javier “But that is not a justification, it is an excuse. available cell phone numbers canada Pass me on to Tomás, I also want to talk to him to tell him how unhappy I am ”- client And there the famous “shit fan” was turned on. You tell me, I’ll answer you, we raise our voices, and it’s already tied up. retain customers So we tried to solve it as soon as possible, the first solution was an absolute failure: Excel. available cell phone numbers canada eavailable cell phone numbers xcel-organization What happened to us is that shortly after using it, it became completely unmanageable. I don’t know if it has already happened to you too,

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