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errors in digital advertising and online ads according to Sergio Falcón

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errors in digital advertising and online ads according to Sergio Falcón

Sergio Falcón , director of Zumba , Mail Marketing to Doctors was one of the speakers at the IV Meeting of Agencies, held on May 19. On this occasion we collect the best moments of Sergio Falcón on how to do the best online advertising so that your company works. Mail Marketing to Doctors Sergio began his presentation by emphasizing the importance of advertising and SEM trends in agencies. During his talk he told us about the mistakes he made, managing his own clients on the Internet, Mail Marketing to Doctors applicable both for those who have just started and for those who have been in the sector for a certain time. In this video you can see his full presentation:

Online advertising mistakes that you should avoid according to Sergio Falcón: Mail Marketing to Doctors He gave as an example, a case of a client: an e-mail campaign that did not have a link in the footer. Mail Marketing to Doctors The client had a mobile web page, which looked good on the devices, had an attractive form and calls to action, Mail Marketing to Doctors but the error was that the users who reached the e-mail went to the bottom and copied the mail that it was on (they did not fill out the form). The failure therefore was that only one event had been created to measure the completed forms and what really had to be measured was what people were copying and pasting. Mail Marketing to Doctors With this example, Sergio Falcón emphasizes that we never have enough information , when before we have it defined much better.

It is important to always spend it, when you attract a new client, the first objective is always to spend the daily budget. For example, Mail Marketing to Doctors if a PPC client gives you € 500 a month you have to spend it, since if you don’t do it from there, Mail Marketing to Doctors problems can arise. The second law, respecting the first law, is to always lower the cost per click to the maximum you can when you consume the daily budget. If you have € 10, Mail Marketing to Doctors for example, do you prefer 10 clicks at € Gambling Gmail List 1 or 50 clicks at 20 cents. You have to forget about the position, since nowadays, especially in Google AdWords, people compare any type of result in a big way (both organic and paid). Mail Marketing to Doctors As long as you have the focus that the keyword is the same and you continue to consume your daily budget, you will stretch your budget

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