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Don’t let the images affect your email marketing

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Don’t let the images affect your email marketing

The design of an email in order to do marketing by this means can be a success or a failure, among other things, the image is a great decisive factor for whether or not your France Phone Number List campaign is functional and meets its objectives. More Related Notes: Is Email Still More Effective Than Facebook And Twitter? 5 practical tips for your email marketing, Saturdays and Sundays are the best days for email marketing

The use of email gives you the possibility of reaching your clients previously filtered and grouped by target, but if the information they receive is not correct or there are defects, it could end badly. For this reason we show you some points, in relation to the image, for you to take into account.

1 . Fix image display problems: How many times have you opened an email that is just a big blank square or shows a little red X? This happens when you receive an email from Phone Number List a sender that is not in your address book, as most email providers require you to confirm their approval to download additional content.

What do you have to do? Save the images in the size that you are going to use, that do not exceed a standard size, then add it to your mailing program and paste it as an image not an attachment.

two . The types of images to put: We know that your company logo is very important, however if the prospect does not know you yet, they will not click. In the case of placing an offer or wanting them to know a new product, I will make sure to put the exact photo of what you want to show.

If, for example, your promotion says “When buying such a room model you take a coffee table” Both products must appear in the photo, so you will invite the click.

If your product is already known and identified, opt for it instead of just the logo.

3. Control the reader’s eye: Play with images and text, “less is more”, never saturate your email with images. It is better to use a photograph in which you highlight the product.

Using human elements will always create greater warmth and identification, a trick is that the person who appears in the photo directs his gaze to the product, naturally the eyes of a reader will be attracted exactly where a person is looking. This allows you to highlight the areas of greatest importance, such as the most significant offer.

In addition to the questions about the image, remember that a good subject will generate about a 51 percent probability that it will be open.

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