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Doña Manolita innovates in customer service to avoid long lines

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Doña Manolita innovates in customer service to avoid long lines

Christmas is just around the corner, online telephone directory germany that’s a fact, you just have to look at the windows of all the stores, the lights that already invade the streets and the eternal queue of the famous Madrid lottery administration, online telephone directory germany Doña Manolete. The administration, which has been selling tickets in Madrid since 1904, has been breaking tickets for sales for years and it is common to see an endless line of people ending up at its doors. online telephone directory germany That there is the same probability that it will play there as in any other administration? online telephone directory germany Everyone knows it, and that in no other establishment they will have to wait that long, too, but year after year they try their luck again in the administration par excellence.

Goodbye to the queues at Doña Manolete Its owners are aware of the discomfort generated by waiting time and have decided to remedy it by betting on technological innovation. online telephone directory germany They have partnered with the Timespan app to prevent their customers from having to stand in line to not miss their turn. online telephone directory germany This app allows you to withdraw a shift and take advantage of the waiting time without having to keep the place in the queue, supporting the low temperatures of the Madrid winter.  online telephone directory germany Innovation in customer service seeks to eliminate long lines at Doña Manolete CLICK TO TWEET How does it work? When you arrive at the administration you must go to its smart window,

online telephone directory germany

there you will enter the mobile number Gambling Email List  where you want to receive the notice that your turn is approaching. online telephone directory germany A ticket will automatically be printed with your shift number and the approximate time at which they will be able to understand you. In addition, online telephone directory germany you will receive an SMS 15 minutes before so that you can return to the administration. Thanks to this service, any Doña Manolete customer will be able to enjoy that time shopping or doing any task they want , online telephone directory germany while they wait to buy their ticket. This management is not free, but has a cost of ten cents. The most nostalgic .  online telephone directory germany There are those who still cling to tradition and trust that the tail is one of the amulets that will bring them luck. online telephone directory germany For this type of client, there are still counters where the purchase is made in a traditional way.

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