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Do you want to fall in love on social networks?

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Do you want to fall in love on social networks?

Beyond delivering information and generating traffic to the website, social networks, as a marketing tool, must enchant the audience. It is clear that the world – your followers included – spend hours online. You know their accounts and their preferences. What do you do with the information that you have collected in your previous research on their behavior? Knowing where, when and how you should put your ads online is the first result of the analysis, a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy Vietnam Mobile Database. The second result, the most anticipated, the success with your products and services. Do you want to fall in love on social networks ?

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Look for the trends of your followers. It is no longer enough to know who they are and what the immovable tastes of your followers are. Social networks have changed tastes and as noted in a BBC note , what is fashionable and fascinating for them today, tomorrow may not be. There is a faster dynamic than the one experienced at the beginning of the decade.

Take the burden off your audience . It is clear that the objective of social networks is to connect the public with the website and consequently with the product. However, it is more than proven that a good digital marketing strategy must include parallel content: different, attractive material or that promotes the product in a surprising and playful way.

Make Facebook your best friend . We can say a thousand things about Zuckerberg and his network, that it will end, that people are bored, that a large percentage of people are abandoning their accounts. However, according to several specialized sites, including DK Marketing Brother Cell Phone List, the projections for Facebook are quite encouraging: the audience is expected to rise by 156 million, although at the beginning of 2016 a small drop is projected in the segment of young people between 14 and 24. If this is your target audience, do not hesitate to position yourself on Instagram.

Do not forget the “responsive”. Needless to say, most of the segments targeted by marketing use mobile devices. For this reason, the configuration of your site in a responsive way will be essential for social networks to fulfill their mission.

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