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Disruptive SWOT / SWOT against Covid

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Disruptive SWOT / SWOT against Covid

A German proverb says that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing . Going outside and enjoying a pleasant walk when the weather is not good is possible, canada mobile number but we have to be well protected. To do this, we must first carry out a strategic analysis of the situation abroad. From it we will get the necessary garments that will allow us to overcome the annoying inclement weather. And yes, business is like the weather;  canada mobile number sometimes unpredictable, but full of opportunities if we face new situations by developing prior analytics. This corresponds to what we call in Spain SWOT analysis or, canada mobile number in Latin America, SWOT . If we apply it in a disruptive way, that is, causing an innovative break, we will have the foundations of the exponential growth of our business. IN reality, canada mobile number the SWOT or SWOT aims to make an accurate diagnosis of a specific project or situation in the business world. Today, the coronavirus pandemic makes it more necessary than ever.

Because Coved has put a threat rarely seen before before our businesses and supposes a heartbreaking bite in our weaknesses. But imagination, creativity,  canada mobile number a disruptive analysis ultimately, will make us see a large number of opportunities in the new situation, based on the recognition and enhancement of our strengths. canada mobile number SWOT / SWOT: the reference strategic tool In itself, that is the SWOT , a mnemonic word that corresponds to the initials of Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities; in Latin America it is known as SWOT because of the location of these words in a different order, canada mobile number and in Anglo-Saxon countries, SWOT. It is one of the main strategic tools from the practical point of view of the business world. For us it is the strategic instrument par excellence.

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Not surprisingly canada mobile number  in our teaching and Gambling Email List professional career we have observed that it is widely used, although sometimes intuitively and without knowing its technical name. canada mobile number The benefit that is obtained with its more or less deep application is to know the real situation in which the company finds itself, as well as the risk and opportunities offered by the market. The weaknesses and strengths belong to the internal scope of the company , canada mobile number when carrying out the analysis of the resources and capacities; This analysis must consider a great diversity of factors related to production, marketing, financing, general organizational aspects, among others. canada mobile number For their part, threats and opportunities are part of the external environment of the company. This must overcome or take advantage of them, and anticipate them. canada mobile number This is where the flexibility and dynamism of the company comes into play. Let’s see it another way: Weaknesses .

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