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disruptive products that were born from a mistake and made their creators rich

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disruptive products that were born from a mistake and made their creators rich

Being disruptive , cell number directory canada having the ability to transform and innovate, is, above all, a matter of attitude. cell number directory canada Life is full of unexpected successes. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin after a fungus grew out of mischief around the bacteria he was experimenting with. As the four stories that we will tell you show us, cell number directory canada success has to do, above all, with being innovative and creative . The creators of these successful and disruptive products were looking to do something else. cell number directory canada Surely they aroused enormous indignation to see that a wrong elaboration had led to something very different from their initial idea. However, they got rich .

Why were they able to celebrate this unexpected success later? cell number directory canada Without a doubt because of his open mind . This is the key to every entrepreneur . Being sensitive, cell number directory canada  having an open mind and looking for new perspectives on everything is the best way to move forward. In marketing, in sales, in life, we have to recognize our mistakes in order to grow from a disruptive perspective. cell number directory canada But for this we have to analyze that error in depth. Perhaps, seen from another perspective, it is not such but the greatest opportunity of your life. cell number directory canada Here are four unexpected hits that made their creators millionaires. They thought they were wrong.

cell number directory canada

History has shown that it does not : Gambling Email List  cell number directory canada Coca Cola : In 1865, during the American Civil War, the pharmacist John Pemberton was wounded by a saber in the chest. The injury became chronic and caused him enormous pain that made him resort to morphine. cell number directory canada Fearing addiction, he used his pharmaceutical knowledge to create an alcohol-based healing concoction he named Pemberton French Coca Wine.  cell number directory canada A year later, in Atlanta, where he lived, alcohol was banned. He decided then to change the alcohol for sugar water and add kola nuts to his formula. cell number directory canada Coca Cola was born. A few years later, fellow pharmacist Asa Griggs Candler took over the business.

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