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Digital professions will continue to grow in according to Linkedin

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Digital professions will continue to grow in according to Linkedin

JOB 2020 The digital profiles that connect people are the ones that will shape the future The digital transformation involves giving more power to users Digital professions are the ones that have grown the most in the last year, china phone numbers sms according to the Emerging Jobs 2020 report prepared by LinkedIn. china phone numbers sms However, the positions that rise the most are not the merely technical ones, but those that use technology to connect people, help make decisions and promote structural transformations. “The true digital transformation is putting the customer at the center. Before, china phone numbers sms technology had a lot to do with efficiency, but now it has a lot to do with giving more power to users ”,

says Raúl Suárez, head of corporate business for LinkedIn Spain and Portugal. china phone numbers sms Artificial intelligence specialist The number of profiles presented under this heading has grown by 75.97% compared to the previous year. china phone numbers sms  They are rapidly joining sectors as consolidated as information technology or computer programming, as companies see in them not only a potential for operational improvements, china phone numbers sms but also for the development of new products, services or markets. They must know autonomous learning, computer vision, Python and R, among others. Salesforce Developers This tool, widely used in human resources, can be adapted to each type of business, china phone numbers sms but it is necessary to have people who know how to do it. Professionals with this knowledge have increased 74.65% in the last year.

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They are especially sought after in the information technology sector, Gambling Email List  in management consulting, insurance and financial services. Customer Success Expert At the height of the new technology professions, china phone numbers sms business activities are still in high demand. The number of specialists in customer retention and satisfaction has increased by 69.83% in the last year. china phone numbers sms  Among the skills they need to differentiate themselves are good relational, strategic and communication skills. Robotics engineer A profile that has a great presence in highly industrialized environments. china phone numbers sms An increase of 65.25% of the same illustrates the high dynamism of consolidated sectors such as aviation, automotive or the aerospace industry. In general, they are very competitive areas in which innovation is essential to improve.

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