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different ad strategies with remarketing and retargeting

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different ad strategies with remarketing and retargeting

When it comes to online advertising campaigns, free mobile number database whether using Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or any other platform, free mobile number database remarketing has become one of the best strategies to achieve conversions. Why? Mainly because we can reach users that we know are interested in our product or service, either because they have previously been on our website, or because they meet a series of characteristics that we have previously defined. Let me explain it to you with a real example that you surely understand perfectly. free mobile number database My phone recently stopped working and I needed to change it for a new one, so I went to Amazon .free mobile number database I started browsing through the categories of Smartphones and spent a good time looking at various phones and cases to compare features, prices and opinions.

Since I did not come to a clear conclusion and did not have time to buy it at the time, free mobile number database I closed the browser tab and left Amazon to think carefully. When I got home in the evening, I was surfing the internet, checking the websites I usually visit, and all of a sudden, Amazon banner ads started popping up with the mobiles and cases I had been looking at in the morning.All this sure sounds like you, what if? Well, it is no coincidence. free mobile number database It is about remarketing , also called retargeting. Therefore, remarketing is an advertising strategy that is based on automatically collecting users who visit our website, and / or who perform a specific action, and then carry out a specific campaign for that specific audience and obtain better results. In Google AdWords ,free mobile number database the easiest way is through Google Analytics by following these steps

free mobile number database

Audiences and create your own remarketing list. free mobile number database Go to Google AdWords and when running your campaign, choose the remarketing list you have created under Audiences. In Facebook Ads , it is also very easy: Create the code in the “Pixel” section within the Facebook Ads Manager. Insert this code between the Gambling Email List tags of your web page. free mobile number database Launch your campaign by selecting the Custom Audience you want to target. Imagine that you are responsible for a marketing tool and you want to target people who have previously visited your landing page where you put all the characteristics. However, free mobile number database you want to go further and make a different ad based on the time that has passed since users visited your website. In this way, free mobile number database people who leave our website, during the first two weeks, will be seeing ads in which we will remind them of the characteristics and benefits of our product or service.

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