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Differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing

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Differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Surely the regular readers of this blog are totally familiar with digital marketing. High School Coaches Email List What’s more, they may not even have known the pre-Google era. But there was a time when Analytics did not exist, High School Coaches Email List nor did we talk about web positioning, there was not even Facebook! Today we want to make a comparison and determine some of the differences between traditional marketing and current digital marketing . High School Coaches Email List Also, if you want to learn more about Marketing you can take a look at our Master of Digital Marketing and Master with the advent of the Internet, High School Coaches Email List  the proliferation of self-authored blogs or YouTube channels, a large volume of information began to be generated .

From the hand of the creation of these contents, High School Coaches Email List the queries in the search engines arose. Brands once again responded to social behavior and used it to their advantage. This is how content marketing was born: companies began to create blogs and have been introducing all kinds of formats (images, Gambling Gmail List videos, audio). The contents have become the meeting point between brands and consumers, between supply and demand. The contents cover everything, even that generated by the users themselves. See the case of Amazon, High School Coaches Email List a brand that knows how to take advantage of and perfectly incentivize all the recommendations of its customers to sell more. search intention Demand and search intent Although traditional marketing used several resources to measure demand,

the way we search the Internet today says a lot not only about the volume of demand , but also about the characteristics of the user .High School Coaches Email List Although in the past we used to resort to surveys and other studies, today user inquiries allow us to draw a fairly accurate map of our potential customers. High School Coaches Email List Beyond whether women or men buy from us, their ages and other common characteristics, High School Coaches Email List Google queries allow us to obtain a more defined image: Where do they buy from At what time do they buy What information to look for before buying How they search (what is their language, High School Coaches Email List how do they express themselves) According to Google, there are 4 main search intent criter ia

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