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Diego Moreno: “As long as people believe that Facebook does not sell, I will continue to earn money”

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Diego Moreno: “As long as people believe that Facebook does not sell, I will continue to earn money”

During the pandemic, denmark phone number the ‘beauty’ sector has experienced great growth that has been noticed in the figures of the companies that are dedicated to it. After the results, the effort and the corresponding marketing strategies hidden by the baggage of companies such as Hawkers, denmark phone number Panama Jack, Merial or Primer. Diego Moreno Marketing Primer At For marketing we have spoken with Diego Moreno, denmark phone number Chief Digital & Marketing Officer of Primer, to get to know them a little better. denmark phone number With your long experience in large companies in the world of marketing, how do you discover that this is your calling?

Well, it was something that arose along the way, denmark phone number as a result of my little brother thinking of starting to work with the sale of sunglasses through the RRSS and that’s when I started to get interested. denmark phone number I was surprised to see how I was able to sell sunglasses through Facebook when there was no social media advertising yet . denmark phone number Both the reach and the impressions were very cheap, so if you paid it was incredible how many people you reached. What is the brand for you? Well, the brand for me has two aspects : denmark phone number  what a graphic designer can understand, which would be the name, logo, design, distinctive by which a person distinguishes one product from another.

denmark phone number

And another meaning that those of us who are Gambling Email List marketers understand, which goes beyond graphic design, denmark phone number and is how the client perceives your company or your product and its values. Throughout your career, denmark phone number what are the marketing strategies that you have focused on and which have been the most effective? In the beginning, denmark phone number  the only channel was social media, Facebook, Instagram and that, you couldn’t advertise . The strategy used was 100% based on social media, denmark phone number  and since prospecting was so cheap, we put all the money there. It was very profitable to attract new customers .

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