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Dídac Lee: “The fear of failure is a great burden to promote entrepreneurship”

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Dídac Lee: “The fear of failure is a great burden to promote entrepreneurship”

Silicon Valley has been the engine of global innovation since the 1970s; Other regions in the western world have become powerful technological hubs, the east coast of the USA, the United Kingdom, Berlin, free belgium phone number  the Nordic countries, Israel, but they have always been under the great influence of Silicon Valley and its main investors and entrepreneurs. free belgium phone number It is in Silicon Valley where the most prestigious VCs in the world were born and developed: Sequoia or Andreessen Horowitz for example. free belgium phone number What should a bother potential market or “total addressable Market” is one of the main factors to take into account and how the innovative idea is combined in it.

This will determine the potential growth of the company and the ultimate success of the investment. free belgium phone number A great growth of the Start-up will lead to a large multiple for the investor, which in VC is essential since many of the ideas do not become successful, free belgium phone number so those that do have to more than compensate for those losses. .Entrepreneurship in Spain is not at the levels of other technology hubs in the US, Europe, or China; free belgium phone number for example, we have not yet witnessed any successful exit / liquidation via sale or IPO of any unicorn; free belgium phone number This is normally an event that creates a school and offers financial means to new entrepreneurs (founders and early employees) with a lot of potential.

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There is potential to create and attract talent Gambling Email List , free belgium phone numberbut on the other hand there are many strategic factors that are an obstacle: Education tends to be more theoretical than practical and is not usually oriented to the real needs of the productive fabric. free belgium phone number vAdditionally, the school dropout rate is the highest in Europe. Less productive, dynamic labor market with fewer opportunities than in other neighboring countries. free belgium phone number Many young people, especially those with less financial guarantees, continue to aspire to obtain permanent jobs, preferably within the public sector, which are scarce (or abound depending on how you look at it)

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