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Diana Jusdado: “Face-to-face events must interact with the online world”

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Diana Jusdado: “Face-to-face events must interact with the online world”

The world of events has suffered a convulsion that just a year ago would have been inconceivable. The coronavirus crisis has hit its waterline hard: the presence, number of mobile phones in canada the physical experience of its celebration. Nobody knows it better than Diana Diosdado, an off-road architect and one of the greatest specialists in the strategy and development of cultural and corporate events, who has worked, as she will tell us, for all types of clients. number of mobile phones in canada Diana Diosdado She has been a professor at the TAI University Center of Arts, at the LENS school of visual arts, and at the IED Master of Scenography, number of mobile phones in canada as well as giving lectures on vide mapping at the Protocol and Events Master of the Camilo José Celia University. Her experience with the most traditional design and assembly and with the most innovative technologies such as videotaping make her the perfect person to answer the question that everyone asks. Has the world of events changed forever?  number of mobile phones in canada At For marketing we spoke with Diana Diosdado about all this.

On the projects that have marked his career, the difference between company and artistic events and the future of the sector. Because one way or another, number of mobile phones in canada one thing is clear: the show must go on! We start at the end. For your most recent job. Just a few days ago the exhibition The reality of a hope was inaugurated at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid . Galdrs, memory and poetry in which you have participated as a designer and directing the exhibition. number of mobile phones in canada What has your work consisted of? They called me in to shape the initial concept and design , whose creative direction was David Pérez, a great designer with whom I regularly collaborate. This work has been carried out in a somewhat peculiar situation, in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. number of mobile phones in canada How has it affected the restrictions associated with the assembly and development of the exhibition? The design part has not undergone major changes, as I am used to working as a freelancer from my own studio, almost all online.

number of mobile phones in canada

But it is true that the assembly has taken more days than an  Gambling Email List exhibition of this scale usually takes . The materials have suffered delays in their deliveries and the assembly schedules, per COVID protocol, have been shorter. number of mobile phones in canada I had the feeling that everything cost a little more, but, on the other hand, people really wanted to work and do things well and with a good face. And this is greatly appreciated. number of mobile phones in canada It has been a real pleasure to meet David Pérez again and meet three other fundamental pieces: Luz Bjarne, multidisciplinary project technician at the Cervantes Institute, Miguel Sánchez Lindo, graphic and editorial designer, and Antonio García Baize from SIT. Your work combines the design, number of mobile phones in canada development and assembly of exhibition spaces with the production of events for large companies such as Vodafone, New Balance, Santander or Telefónica, where you collaborate with well-known event agencies such as EDT or Gaccione Productions y Dissent. What creative differences exist between one format and another? number of mobile phones in canada At the level of the creative process, little. Ultimately it’s about shaping a concept. In the case of events this creative concept comes more from the world of communication and marketing and in the case of exhibitions it responds to a narrative discourse.

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