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Debate of Agencies on News and Challenges of Online Advertising

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Debate of Agencies on News and Challenges of Online Advertising

In the IV edition of the Agencies Meeting , Hotel Email List held on May 19, we had the pleasure of having in one of the discussion tables, with the representatives of five marketing agencies who gave us their personal vision on the news and trends that they are living in terms of paid advertising on the main platforms. In addition, Hotel Email List as we will see later, they told us about the importance that an advertising agency acquires due to the speed with Hotel Email List which the tools evolve and the large number Hotel Email List of changes that are appearing to offer the best results to companies that opt ​​for this type of advertising.

. Sergio Falcón’s previous presentation served as a starting point since it focused on 12 mistakes that are usually committed in SEM advertising. Hotel Email List One of those points was very interesting to understand the objectives of online advertising: The main novelty that the four speakers agreed on was the trend in audience segmentation . Gambling Gmail List The large platforms, Hotel Email List both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, Hotel Email List during this year have shown that their main objective is the work of the audiences in online advertising. We are not only talking about customer audiences that have passed through our site and of which we may have data, but also about audiences Hotel Email List related to our customers that we can reach to multiply the conversion possibilities. 50% of the traffic that comes to an Ad Hotel Email List Words account should come from audiences Click To Tweet Companies are increasingly putting themselves in the shoes of the consumer and want specific marketing strategies for each type of customer,

the one who already knows us is not the same as the one who does not yet know about us. Hotel Email List They want to control each point of contact with the customer in the different phases before they achieve the conversion. Hotel Email List Agencies have several challenges on their hands , on the one hand, to face the new technological integration, to learn to use the convergence of the different online advertising channels and, finally, to properly handle their clients’ Hotel Email List data in order to be able to segment by audiences and optimize the investment made in each campaign. 26 7The big question: How can you manage these types of trends in online advertising within the agency? Hotel Email List Little by little, new technologies are beginning to appear, such as “salesforce” that allow us to process customer data,

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